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Our Quality Policy is to adopt the customer-oriented service approach as a philosophy or a way of life in all activities, continuously improving the human resources processes and systems according to the necessities of the time, with the voluntary participation of all employees, under the leadership and responsibility of the senior management. This policy includes the following basic factor:

  • Senior Management Leadership and Responsibility

    At CST, the senior management is aware of the importance of the quality for modern business enterprises. Therefore, it pulls its weight to assume its responsibilities in an active manner leading the way.

    Accordingly, it has established and maintains a "Quality Management System" in line with the "management's responsibility for developing systems" in order to carry out the customer-oriented service approach in accordance with the quality policy.

  • Voluntary Participation of the Employees

    CST thinks that "developing of a successful quality policy for a company depends on the maximum satisfaction of requirements and expectations of all employees and, all efforts must be made for this purpose".

    As long as we achieve this purpose, "internal motivations" of the employees will develop and they will voluntarily participate in the quality development activities.

  • Constant Improvement and Management by Objectives

    CST adopts the approach “constant improvement and development” as a "corporate culture" and has taken all actions to make it extended.

    Accordingly, it attaches great importance to training activities in order to implement the method "plan-do-check-act" for each activity and process.

    Requirements and expectations of the customers are continuously monitored and new objectives are set for certain periods, which result in a dynamic structure for the system. Technological advances are closely monitored in order to achieve the set targets.

  • Customer-Oriented Service Approach

    CST makes efforts to satisfy the requirements and expectations of all its current and potential customers.

    In this context, the principle "quality is defined by the customer" is adopted, the satisfaction of requirements and expectations of the customers are always considered for all activities and processes "from the design to the presentation", the concept “internal customers" is developed within the company" and the approach "the next process is our customer" is adopted. All employees "voluntarily" participate" in this process.